Michael Palmquist

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael has been working in the solar industry since 1996 and in the software industry since 2000. He brings a unique combination of experience in both solar contracting and enterprise software development to the project team. As an early employee at Powerlight Corporation, a solar industry pioneer, Michael designed, sold, fabricated, and installed commercial PV systems. In a subsequent role at a renewable energy company, he was instrumental in all facets of the business including sales, marketing, design, and implementation of solar thermal, photovoltaic, and radiant hydronic systems. After joining Avaya in 2000, he shifted his focus to enterprise software development, creating the specifications on which the software developers build their products.


Eric Alderman


Eric is an experienced software industry executive, with CEO/COO roles in 4 enterprise software companies over the last 25 years. Before co-founding SolarNexus, he was co-founder and COO of Qumu, an enterprise software company that provides video management solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He was also President/CEO of Mobile Support, Inc., a mobile applications company providing applications to field service technicians, and was co-founder and COO of eScene Networks, the original developer of Qumu. eScene Networks was acquired by Inktomi Corporation in 2001. Prior to co-founding eScene, Eric was co-founder and President/CEO of The HyperMedia Group, a leading developer of custom e-Learning solutions, acquired by Wilson Learning Corporation in 1998.

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