SolarNexus makes it easy to define the right scope of work at the right price to make you consistently profitable. Our comprehensive modeling engine includes energy efficiency improvement calculations, customizable load profiles, hourly energy flow calculations, finance modeling and custom document generation, all with a completely transparent paper trail.


Service Offerings

Create a catalog of your company’s service offerings from which your staff can quickly configure and price customer solutions. SolarNexus supports the following categories of services: grid-tie PV, energy storage, energy efficiency measures, and a general category for anything that does not affect the customer’s energy use.

Multiple Proposals per Customer

SolarNexus can generate and store multiple proposals for every client, allowing you to easily provide options to potential clients that show various hardware, energy efficiency upgrade, and financing options. Simply clone an existing solution and make some edits to create a totally new version without losing the original.

Electric Consumption Modeling

Complex utility bill tariffs demand accurate hourly estimates of a customer’s electricity consumption. SolarNexus automatically models hourly load profiles from whatever customer load data you have have available (estimated average monthly/annual use, average monthly bill, 1 to 12 months of bill data, or Green Button data). And load profile modeling gives you the flexibility to adjust assumed profiles to match known usage behavior. 

Remote PV System Design

Use satellite imagery to draw installation areas and automatically generate accurate, buildable arrays in various configurations using PV modules from our extensive database.

PV Production Modeling

Accurately estimate kWh production from your PV system using NREL’s industry standard PVWatts PV production estimation engine. Control all modeling options (weather station selection, system losses, etc.) to tailor estimates to your scenarios.

Energy Storage Modeling

Pair an energy storage (battery) system with your solar PV system to enhance its value. SolarNexus models each battery charge / discharge cycle to implement a variety of benefit strategies, such as maximizing time-of-use value and maximizing self-consumption. SolarNexus models both AC and DC coupled systems.

Energy Efficiency Modeling

Model energy efficiency improvements such as building envelope upgrades or upgrades to high efficiency water heaters, HVAC, and lighting. SolarNexus , giving you the flexibility to create solar proposals that take efficiency measures into account on the bottom line, improving ROI in marginal markets.

Solution Pricing Models

Pricing is the key to competitiveness and profitability. Our pricing features are unmatched in the industry. Create custom product line items with variable costs and build pricing models that ensure your sales staff prices accurately and competitively in every case while protecting your company’s profitability.

Utility Bill Calculations

SolarNexus partners with the industry’s leading utility rates and bill calculations provider to get utility bill estimates. By leveraging a whole team of tariff and bill calculation experts, we can ensure that we keep up to date with the rapidly changing rates and calculation complexities, and you can be confident knowing that your savings estimates are accurate.

Complete Economic Modeling

SolarNexus models all cash flows relevant to your customer projects (incentives, taxes and depreciation, O&M costs, etc.) and gives you control over all input assumptions so that you can understand, explain, and be confident in your investment analysis results. Our finance modeling engine lets you model up to three different finance scenarios for side by side comparison. All cash flow results can be downloaded into CSV format–giving you transparency into how the final measures of value were reached.

Custom Documents and E-signatures
Take advantage of custom proposal and contract templates to ensure your branding leaves no question who it came from. And with Docusign integration, every document generated can be e-signature enabled. 

Plays Well with Others…

Already a Helioscope / Aurora / PV Complete customer? SolarNexus is an excellent complement.  You can use a separate design software with our pricing and sales proposal features. Or you can use SolarNexus Project Pro edition with another software for your proposals.