SolarNexus provides an unmatched feature set for automating sales and project task management. And unlike patchwork solutions, your CRM data is with you every step of the way, allowing you to access customer information from lead to project completion without ever having to tediously re-enter data across multiple platforms.


Industry Specific
Rather than spending time and money figuring out how to customize a generic CRM platform to support your business, SolarNexus is preloaded with the data fields your business needs to create the most effective relationship between you and your customers. SolarNexus makes it easy to get up and running quickly, yet still provides flexible customization.

Lead Capture
SolarNexus offers several convenient ways to capture lead information. From forms on your company’s website, to dozens of lead gen providers, to batch inputs from CSV, to simple manual input, capturing leads is quick and easy.

Fully Integrated CRM
SolarNexus keeps your lead and customer information at your fingertips throughout the entire solar project lifecycle. View project status at a glance on your dashboard. Collaboration features give your team the ability to solve problems with a paper trail.

Scheduled Events, Deadlines, & Reminders
Project DocumentsEasily schedule regular business process events like sales appointments, site surveys, and installations. Apply deadlines to all key process steps to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Easily set up reminders and notifications for overdue tasks for each project. Sync your SolarNexus events with your external calendars (for example: Google Calendar, iCloud, Office365, Exchange,

Automated Customer Updates
Maximize customer satisfaction by keeping your clients in the loop from start to finish with automated progress update emails at desired points in the process.

Powerful & Customizable Process Management
Designed with solar in mind, our platform gives you all the basic steps you need to keep your pre and post sale processes on track. Not satisfied with the basics or want to customize the process to fit your own best practices? Add your own steps and dependencies, and arrange them however you like.

Create groups of users, each with its own manager, to segregate projects and responsibilities.

Automatic Project Role and Task Assignment
SolarNexus can automatically assign process tasks to specific users based on their project role or your defined rules handles Assign tasks to groups and have system auto-assign task to individual group member based on workload, round-robin, or manual pull.

Unlimited Document Storage
Project DocumentsSolarNexus is your online file cabinet. Each project is your online “manila folder” for each project’s information and files.

Detailed Reporting
Process automation produces data on every step of your process from lead to project completion. Reports give you custom operational views and quantify key performance metrics. Get insights on your most effective lead sources, identify under-performing salespeople, or discover areas of your process to refine for improvements. Give your team specific targets that SolarNexus measures for you.Sales Activity Report

Plays Well with Other Applications
SolarNexus can connect with hundreds of applications to enhance various portions of your workflow. Use SolarNexus’ Zapier application to integrated with platforms like Mailchimp to automate management of contact lists so you can spend more time marketing. SolarNexus also provides a complete application programming interface (API) for custom development.