The SolarNexus platform is for contracting companies who match the following profile:

Service Offerings Include: Project Role:
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Efficiency Measures*
  • Complementary Services**
  • Sell and install projects
  • Sell projects but outsource installations
  • Install projects as a subcontractor
Sectors Served: Size / Volume:
  • Residential
  • Small Commercial
  • Multiple sales persons
  • Completes at least 5 projects per month

* Energy efficiency measures may include solar hot water / pool heating, HVAC upgrades, HE water heaters, building envelope, etc.
** Complementary services may include electrical service upgrades, EV charging stations, roofing, etc.



SolarNexus centralizes all information and automates sales and project operations, resulting in greater:

Professionalism – Enforce quality and consistency in pricing, proposals, and contracts. Software manages process to deliver repeatable performance and customer engagement.
Resiliency and Scalability – What would happen if a key employee were to leave? Decouple “tribal knowledge” from your company’s success. SolarNexus is a common shared online repository of your company’s knowledge. Easy to onboard new employees, just plug them into your “system.”
Control and Visibility – Properly limit access to project information. Provide clear task expectations and make activity and performance visible to employees.

SolarNexus provides an unmatched feature set that enables your company to reduce software and complexity in your business. SolarNexus feature areas include:


Solutions for International Companies

SolarNexus currently serves English speaking users in the following countries: Canada, Australia, Mexico, India, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, and South Africa. Let us know if you’re interested in having SolarNexus enabled for use in your country.