Making the sale only gets you part way. As an integrated platform, SolarNexus allows your operations team to seamlessly pick up the ball and run with it using our suite of post-sale features. The platform’s project management and process automation ensure you’ll stay on task and on deadline. Give your operations team the tools to efficiently get the job permitted, installed, and interconnected.


Process Automation

Our sophisticated process automation tools make your job easier, automatically assigning roles to an individual or group when specific milestones are reached and moving the project forward with notifications to your staff or external resources via email.

Team Collaboration

Mentioning a colleague in a project note automatically sends them a notification with a link to the relevant project, giving your team the ability to effectively work together, keeping project relevant information tied to the project instead of being scattered about in email.

Site Survey Form & Photo Capture

Use our built in site screen to capture key electrical and structural data, site details, and photos. Check off the task to notify engineers back at the office so they can begin on the permit package.

AHJ Database

You’ve collected a store of intelligence about the jurisdictions in which you operate. Enable your team to easily leverage that knowledge to get the most out of your permitting efforts.

Versioning & Change Order Management

Some sold systems require changes. SolarNexus enables a sold solution to be versioned and changed. If contractual changes are required, SolarNexus can produce simple change orders that are easily executed via our Docusign integration.

Balance of System Designer

Define circuits (strings or AC branches) and produce code compliant single line diagrams for permitting.

Unlimited Document Storage

SolarNexus is your online file cabinet. Each project is your virtual manilla folder for each project’s information and files.

PDF Form Completion

Automatically fill out PDF forms for utility interconnection, permit applications, and more.

RFQ / PO Generation and Status Tracking

Leverage your Company Catalog to generate purchase orders from your projects. Track the status of orders to your suppliers.