When considering software solutions for your business, it pays to think about them as a total stack that must work together to enable smooth operations. Building a software stack for your business can require custom design and purchase of multiple software programs – many of which focus on horizontal market segments (such as Salesforce, Monday.com, or Smartsheet). These options can be difficult to implement and typically include additional costs that are not reflected in the monthly subscription prices (for example, annual contract lock-in, consulting fees, process inefficiencies, etc).

“I liked that everything was set up already for solar. Salesforce was making it so complicated and was going to charge us a ton of money to not even offer all of the features that your platform already does.”

Rather than cobbling together a number of different software applications that aren’t designed to work together, nor designed to satisfy the requirements of your business, SolarNexus combines the critical features needed to fully manage the entire solar project lifecycle.

Your company will experience many benefits when employing SolarNexus compared to using its competitors, including software cost savings and significant time and efficiency savings from an aggregation of marginal gains.

Ready-Made for Your Business

  • Relevant data fields already exist
  • Fast onboarding
  • No high-priced consultants for setup
  • Optional professional services setup package by the SolarNexus staff who knows how to run a solar business

All Your Project Information in One Place

  • Always know where to find information
  • Eliminate redundant data entry, reduce manual transfer
  • One application to learn – reduces context switching costs
  • Consistent quote and contract process for all your service offerings
  • Centralize organizational knowledge
  • Process automation uses data from any part of process
  • Full reporting on both sales and installs processes
  • Manage fewer subscriptions

SolarNexus differs from its competitors in the solar PV space because of its breadth of functionality, and from its competitors in the CRM and project management spaces because of its vertical market focus.

Direct Cost Benefits

Operating your business using the SolarNexus software is a smart way to get the most value from your software budget. The following table shows ranges of software cost savings when using SolarNexus All Pro vs other popular software stacks providing similar functionality. Comparisons use published online pricing for applications listed.

Users (Sales / Ops) Annual Savings on Licensing
8 (5 sales / 3 ops) $2,760 – $2,916 ($3,265 – $3,422 if paid annually)
14 (9 sales / 5 ops) $3,504 – $6,708 ($4,267 – $7,480 if paid annually)
20 (13 sales / 7 ops) $3,024 – $9,540 ($4,128 – $10,644 if paid annually)
26 (17 sales / 9 ops) $3,264 – $16,620 ($4,616 – $17,972 if paid annually)


Compare Software Stacks

The following table compares sets of software applications typically used to operate a solar sales and installation company. SolarNexus typically eliminates 4-5 software applications from a contractor’s software stack. Potential cost savings are shown above.

Software Function Competing Software Examples SolarNexus All Pro
Enterprise Email / Calendar GSuite Business | MS Outlook GSuite Basic | MS Outlook
CRM / Sales Management Salesforce Lightning Professional | Hubspot Sales Hub SolarNexus
PV design/price/quote Aurora | Solargraf | Energy Toolbase SolarNexus
Energy Storage design/price/quote Energy Toolbase SolarNexus
Energy Efficiency design/price/quote GSuite Business SolarNexus
Other work design/price/quote GSuite Business SolarNexus
Operations / Project Management Smartsheet | Monday SolarNexus
Document Storage GSuite Business SolarNexus
Email Marketing Mailchimp SolarNexus > Mailchimp
Accounting Quickbooks Online Quickbooks Online