By Joe Marhamati, CoFounder, Ipsun Solar

Since Ipsun Solar started in 2016, our team members have had to use way too many platforms. CRMs, ERPS, spreadsheets, inverter platforms, monitoring platforms; the list goes on! Every solar company has the same problem: too many systems. The infinite web of systems would drive any solar employee crazy. When we had no choice but to use so many systems, our turnover was too high. We needed to bring our software patchwork together. We also needed to give our customers a single place to track their project development. 

That’s why we developed Sunvoy. Sunvoy brings all our solar array assets together in one place. We can see every system we have ever solar or installed in a list and map view. Our PMs can direct their customers to a single place to track their projects. Our O&M team leads can track performance of the solar array fleet (actual to estimate MWh) in one system. They used to login to 5+ different monitoring platforms to perform the same task. Our sales team can show the performance of our fleet to prospective customers. That means that when we show a production estimate, we have something to back it up! 

Our founders can login to the Sunvoy dashboard to see the year-over-year growth of Ipsun Solar. They can also view real time solar production and environmental benefits. Imagine seeing how your business has performed from the start of the company. The Sunvoy reporting capabilities specific to solar continues to grow. 

The results? Ipsun Solar has the highest team member retention rate of all time. We don’t have turnover, and our employee satisfaction is higher than ever. Sunvoy has taken a patchwork of systems and brought them into one place. The reason nothing like this has ever existed? It takes deep solar industry knowledge to create a platform that can tie so many pieces of data together. 

Sunvoy is the first and only solar software developed by a solar installer. Sunvoy is being built by a solar installer, for solar installers. Now, Sunvoy is helping grow solar installation businesses all over the world. When we say that Sunvoy can and will do the same for your company, it’s not theoretical. We have seen it in our business. 

That’s why our mission continues to be simple. We are helping solar businesses grow and fight climate change faster than ever.