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SolarNexus has placed our company on a higher level of professionalism than most companies. SolarNexus gives us the ability to produce accurate designs in minutes and track a project from start to finish.

Gabrielle Faybusovich Allterra Solar
Your Operational Hub process gears  
SolarNexus orchestrates your team's sales and install activities to deliver value to your customers and profitability to your company. As team members complete their highest priority tasks, the process gears advance each project.

SolarNexus has been a great timesaver across the board for our company and gives us accountability for process flow.

Brandon Miller A1A Solar

Is SolarNexus Right for My Company?

SolarNexus is an exceptional solution for contractors looking to automate their operation to process a high volume of projects in the residential and small commercial sectors. Read More

The Originator, Not an Imitator

In 2010 SolarNexus originated the concept of a software platform targeted at the solar energy market. Others have followed suit, but none offer the depth of functionality for supporting the needs of solar and energy efficiency companies.

We use SolarNexus every day, and have found it to be the organizing tool for small and growing businesses that you had envisioned! Thank you very much for your vision, and for acting on that vision!

Lotus Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind