Our tool was designed with the race in mind.

Direct experience in solar contracting and enterprise software helped create SolarNexus, the industry solution to managing your everyday project workflow.

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Increase Visibility and Satisfaction for Customers and Teams

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Streamline Execution
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Produce high quality, consistent quotes with confidence.

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Popular Features

Lead Capture

Input and manage thousands of leads from a wide variety of sources.

Solar Array Design

Automatically generate accurate, buildable arrays in various configurations using aerial imagery and PV modules from our extensive database.

Accurate Energy Modeling

Create hourly models of the customer’s entire year including load reductions from efficiency upgrades, kWh production from PV, and energy stored and discharged from batteries.

Reliable Economic Estimates

Model cash flows including project costs, financing costs, utility bills, incentives and tax effects.

Proposal & Contract Document Templates

One-click documents, built on industry best practices, that highlight your brand.

Unlock productivity by freeing the team from mundane tasks.

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Popular Features

Workflow Definition

Custom work flows that align people and process on the tasks needed to fulfill the individual requirements of each job.

Automated Task Assignment

Automatically assign tasks to employees for smooth hand-offs that reduce task latency.

Consolidated Project Information

Store project documents, photos and data for easy access by all users.

Task Management

Track progress through multiple user interfaces to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Work Groups

Balance individual workload by allocating tasks automatically among groups of team members.

Measure business performance to help your business evolve and grow.

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Popular Features

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

SolarNexus logs the workflow of every job and automatically quantifies your team’s performance so you can see bottlenecks.

Key Performers

Whether at the team or individual level, see who is excelling and learn how to bring the rest of the team up to speed.

Custom Reports

Quickly pull desired data for any given set of jobs. Get answers to specific questions and solve one-off issues.

Stay connected with easily accessible information.

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Popular Features

Mobile App

Manage your leads, projects and teams from any place and device. Easily capture information at the job site directly in the app.

Automated Customer Emails

Effortlessly keep your customers informed of progress on their project.

Automated Team Notifications

Maintain awareness with task assignments, upcoming deadlines and new project updates.


Reduce communication gaps and keep written records of important details.

Status at a Glance

Quickly assess and update key information across all projects, identify issues.

Your Partner In The Race.

Expert Customer Support

Requests are handled quickly by experienced team members who understand the industry.

Professional Services

Leverage the extensive industry experience of the SolarNexus team to help guide your team.


Stay ahead of the learning curve with our industry blog posts and user guides.

A Custom Fit

We work with you to build the right solution to meet your needs.

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