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The clock is always ticking in solar contracting. The tools you adopt for sales, project design and fulfillment can make or break a business.

The SolarNexus software solution helps contractors operate efficiently at scale.

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Why SolarNexus?

Solar contracting is a relay race. Every project is a fast-paced series of steps. Remain profitable as you grow with clean handoffs and a smooth process workflow.

What does SolarNexus do?

We provide a full suite of sales and operations tools backed by professional services that give contractors the opportunity to scale their solar business.

How is SolarNexus different?

Our operational expertise in solar contracting and enterprise software lets us find and resolve inefficiencies invisible to other people and programs.

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The SolarNexus team is awesome. They helped set up the initial process flow and offered fantastic support whenever we needed it.

Phil Alwitt

CEO of SolarCraft

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The SolarNexus team is accessible and customer focused.

Alex Khokhlov

Co-Founder/Director Power Production Management

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The customized reporting gives us a high level overview of where all our projects stand today. It’s a really good tool.

Eric Dornfeld

President of Green Power Energy

Run your personal best.

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